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Ans: Freight Broker or a Freight Brokerage company arranges for freight to be transported between Shippers and Receivers by Trucking companies.


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Marilyn Hall, CJS Express Brokerage LLC - GA

Contingent Cargo.CO has helped me save some real money on contingent cargo policy. I just got a $100,000 coverage from

We provide:

  • Contingent cargo/auto liability insurance certificate verification and tracking service.
  • Freedom to make your customers certificate holders any time of the day.
  • Complete verification/tracking services of the carrier’s primary insurance.
  • Legal representation during complicated court procedures, when the primary insurance fails to take responsibility for loss or damage.
  • Professional Customer Service including 24/7 email support.

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Contingent Cargo.Co is an easy to use and affordable online tool for freight brokers. From A+ Insurers to offshore insurance companies, all lay trust in our verification and tracking service. Freight brokers feel proud to be associated with us.

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